A Guy Blogging About High Heels?!- The Heelho Strut

Tina Goodman

(Deep breath) Here goes...

By Ryan Johnson

Some time ago (let's call it a year), my mother invented a solution for high heel pain (Heelho) and I was bestowed a share of the company. I knew it was a clever idea and I was grateful, but never thought I would actually have much to do with it, other than telling coworkers and friends about it, of course. I say this because my Heelho presentation pales in comparison to the woman who invented it (not to mention women are a difficult bunch for me to understand).

For the past several years, I've been selling other people's products in my own sort of way. Anyone can sell anything, given the right circumstances. You don't have to be Ari Gold to make a sale. I'm the complete opposite, in fact. I'm actually quite shy and had to make adjustments accordingly. The problem I've faced as a salesperson is that every manager thinks that either their way is the best, or everything has to go "by the book." That style doesn't account for the different personalities and skill sets that different people possess. One former manager described me as "maddening." The feeling was mutual.

I have since found myself at Heelho, where E-commerce is my canvas and there's no "book" that I have to follow. In the past few weeks, I've learned skills that I was begging my old company to implement, the ones of Google and Search Engine Optimization.

I started digging into what makes E-commerce sites successful and found that "blogging" is an absolute necessity to generate traffic and have more content. If you asked me a month ago what a blog was, I'd say " I don't know, something that girls do?"

Now, not only am I writing a blog, but I am writing a blog about high heels. What have I gotten myself into? I would have said the exact same thing that I said about blogs if you asked me about Pintrest. Now that mysterious contraption is a part of my duty as well. So it's safe to say that I am completely out of my element which is fantastic. I am doing all of this because I believe in the product and the company.

Heelho truly is an innovation. If something hurts, do you put some padding on it or avoid touching it altogether? Heelho's depression makes Heelho the best high heel inserts on the market.

Check back for more adventures of a guy in a high heel world. There's plenty of content now that the introduction is out of the way.

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