7 Little Known Facts About High Heels

7 Little Known Facts About High Heels

Little Known Facts About High Heels

When it comes to high heels, the chances are you can’t remember a life before them. Whether you wear high heels yourself, remember your mum or aunts rocking them when you were younger or you’re simply an admirer high heels tend to have a place in everyone’s life - some more than others though, it has to be said!


Whatever your relationship with high heels, how much do you really know about them? We’ve taken a look at some interesting things about high heels that you may not have known.


7 Facts About High Heels


  1. High heels were actually invented for men and it wasn’t until long after their creation that women were seen donning the look. You see very few men wearing high heels now, though it isn’t uncommon for shorter men to wear raised shoes.

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  1. The name for having a high heel fetish is ‘altocalciphilia’. So, if you really love high heels you may have a touch of altocalciphilia.

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  1. It was Catherine de Medici that first brought high heels to the attention of women around the world, all the way back in the 16th century. She wanted to make an impression when she arrived in France to marry soon-to-be-King Henry, and being short just wasn’t going to work. So, she threw on a pair of heels.

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  1. The infamous red sole of Christian Louboutin shoes was inspired by Andy Warhol’s painting entitled ‘Flowers’. Warhol is known for the bright, eye-catching colours used in his artworks and this can definitely be said for red soled shoes.

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  1. Wedge shoes were invented out of necessity. When Italy was faced with being unable to trade with other countries in the 1940s designers were unable to purchase materials to create the heel, and so turned to other designs.

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  1. Running in heels can cause arthritis, according to a 2013 study. So, if you’re going to be running it’s best to stick to comfortable trainers.

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  1. Roger-Henri Vivier is the person who is thought to have popularised the stiletto heel back in the 1950s, a high heel style that is still popular today.

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High heels aren’t always comfortable and though they are extremely popular, most of us struggle to wear them for long periods of time. Help is here in the form of Heelho, take a look!






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