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High Heel Heaven awaits! Click for the full description and pictures.

Try Heelho's high heel inserts with the special metatarsal depression that will take you to high heel heaven.  Placement is the key to long lasting comfort.  Designed for the ball of foot, the pad is made of long lasting, high performance foam that reduces odors & keeps your foot from sliding forward.

Dr. Gary Prant Explains Heelho

This is the only high heel insert with a patent pending depression which off loads & redistributes ball of foot (metatarsal) pressure for long lasting comfort. High Heel pain is a thing of the past with Heelho inserts. Heelho makes the best inserts for high heels. No other high heel inserts or metatarsal pads come close to relieving high heel pain like Heelho!

 A Heelho's "INDENTION" off loads & pressure pain where it is felt most

  • Padding alone can increase pressure here!
  • If a Heelho is placed correctly, you'll enjoy long lasting comfort!
  • A Heelho keeps your foot from slipping forward!
  • The high performance material reduces odors
  • Sides are trim-able

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