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High Heel Heaven for the soles of your feet

Heelho makes the best and most advanced high heel inserts on the market! Designed with the techniques of podiatrists and wound care specialists alike, Heelho implements an "indention" that takes the load off of the area of the greatest pressure. This way, a greater surface area carries the load. Placement is Key.

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Dr. Gary Prant Explains Heelho

Dr. Prant is a brilliant podiatrist in Austin, TX.  He is the owner and chief podiatrist at Arbor Foot Health Center.  Heelho founder, Tina Goodman, was treated by Dr. Prant for a bone spur on a visit to his clinic and showed Dr. Prant her fresh new invention, Heelho.  With Heelho being very small at the time, Goodman bartered this Youtube video in exchange for some free units to be sold at his office.  Arbor Foot Health Center has sold out of Heelhos since then and had to restock.  Thanks Dr. Prant!