One day Tina Goodman decided to solve her own high heel pain with a little experiment. It sounds terrible, but she use to work as a nursing home administrator & remembered how they treated patients who developed pressure wounds (aka "bed sores" back then). They used a cushioning pad with a hole cut out to protect the sore spot. This donut type hole protected the area and "off loaded" the pressure so it could heal. She figured if this would work for something as terrible as a bed sore, the same type of method could work to to relieve the pressure a lady experiences at the ball of the foot when she wears high heels. So she cut a hole in a basic insole where a callus was developing just below her 2nd and 3rd toe and put it in her high heels.

While it wasn't perfect yet, it inspired her to create the ideal design. So she applied for a patent, recruited the other lady founders pictured here, and together, they designed and tested the first high-heel insole. Our slogan was almost the exact quote Tina Goodman said as she tried the first Heelho insole in her own high-heels. The other lady founders were on a conference call and she told them, "ladies, I'm not exaggerating; and, I'm not just saying this because I thought of it, but this feels like high heel heaven." As we began distributing our samples, other women noticed a huge difference from other products and could not wait until Heelhos were ready to buy. We are just launching Heelho Insoles with our ball of foot product first and we can't wait to turn high heel wearers all over the world into Heelho Believers!