Reasons to Wear High Heels

Reasons to Wear High Heels

The Most Popular Reasons Women Wear High Heels

Whether you’re a woman who wears high heels every day to work, someone who only wears them on a night out, or someone who saves your high heels for a special occasion, the chances are you have your own reasons for wearing them. High heels are extremely popular and have been a key part of fashion and its trends for decades. In fact, high heels can be traced back hundreds and hundreds of years. Despite this popularity, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly why they are so popular and remain so.

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Why Do Women Wear High Heels?


When we think of women’s fashion we often think of shoes, and it’s no secret than many women love shoes and have more pairs than they can count. High heels specifically are something of a wonder as they remain one of the most popular styles to wear, despite arguably being the least comfortable and practical. So, why do women wear high heels?

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To add extra height

Height can be a touchy subject for some women, especially if they consider themselves to be a little on the shorter side. With models and the world of celebrity telling us that tall is best, it’s no wonder that many women wear heels to give themselves a few extra inches in the height department.

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To ooze elegance and glamour

When it comes to red carpet events, weddings and special occasions it is important to look smart and well put together. Many women wear high heels to achieve this look as a large percentage of evening gowns simply look best with a certain type of strappy heel.

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To feel good about themselves

High heels make you feel good, simple! It’s important to feel good about yourself and the way you look in high heels can help to achieve this. There is a huge difference in confidence levels when wearing high heels and many women feel they can take on the world with a good pair of shoes.

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To improve their figure

Wearing high heels naturally changes the way you stand and they work well to elongate the body and improve posture. This often makes a person look thinner and many women wear high heels for this reason.

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As you can see there are a number of different reasons as to why women wear high heels. Some do it to improve the way they look, whereas others are more interested in adding a bit of extra height. Whatever the reason, ensure your heels are extra comfortable with the help of Heelho.

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