What a Pain in the Heels

What a Pain in the Heels

High Heel Pain

Whether you enjoy wearing high heels, wear them because they make you feel good or wear them out of necessity the chances are you will agree that high heels can cause an extreme amount of pain. Of course, not all high heels will cause you as much pain as others but anyone who wears heels for long enough will testify that eventually the pain hits and you end up wishing you wore flats.

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What Causes High Heel Pain?


Some high heels are more painful than others and most people have a go-to pair that they can wear for the longest time without experiencing any discomfort. However, at one point or another high heels begin to hurt and it can negatively affect your day. But, what is it that causes this pain and what is to blame for creating high heel Hell?

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  • Poorly made and cheap shoes are more likely to cause pain than those that are made from better materials. This is simply because softer, more malleable heels provide a softer and comfier experience when you wear them. However, even the most expensive, high quality heels can cause discomfort.
  • If you are wearing high heels that do not fit, or do not fit well, you are likely to feel the pain. This can be in the form of a blister, aching in the balls of your feet or an overall feeling of discomfort.
  • It’s often a case of the higher the heel, the higher the level of pain. This is simply because you are putting an increased amount of pressure on the balls of your feet which can lead to aches.
  • The type of heel can also affect whether or not they cause pain. Wedges, heeled boots and shoes with a chunky heel are usually more comfortable to wear as the pressure is spread over a larger surface area when compared to shoes with thinner, stiletto-like heels.


Escaping High Heel Hell


Ask any woman and she will jump at the chance to ditch the high heel pain in favor of comfort; this is where Heelho comes in. Heelho high heel inserts are specially designed to decrease the level of pain associated with wearing heels and to provide an all-round more enjoyable high heel experience. After all, comfort is key. Find out more about Heelho and the job they do by taking a look at the product range.

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