What's a Heelho

What's a Heelho

And why should anyone who wears high heels be excited about them?

By Gary Prant, DPM.

 Did you know high heels were first worn by royalty? They were popularized by the French King Louis XIV and the upper classes who used high heel shoes to make themselves look larger than life. A person of wealth was known as “well heeled.”  

 Some people say that royal men were the first people to wear high heels and women started wearing them to appropriate masculine power –hmmm?  Now most of the people who wear high heels are women who suffer in silence for the style and fashion brought about by high heels. 

 There have been many attempts to design a “comfortable” high heel. Just today on a podiatry listserv, I read about a woman podiatrist who loves high heels. After her residency in reconstructive foot surgery, she designed her own line of high heels. Having practiced podiatry for over 30 years, it is my professional opinion that experience in reconstructive foot surgery is not all that helpful when it comes to shoe design. Even if this new surgically trained podiatrist did design a fantastic shoe, what would you do with all the shoes you already have and love?

Heelho has the answer. Heelho is a small insole that fits into your favorite high heels or dress shoes. Heelho simply makes your favorite shoes more comfortable! Heelho was designed by a patient of mine, Tina Goodman. She has worn high heels for years and has a very practical, entrepreneurial mind. She discovered the best cushioning material for the application, medical grade poron. She then anatomically shaped the poron specifically for the increased pressure caused by the foot’s orientation in a high heel. The result is infinitely more effective than other cushions on the market. There is nothing like it. Heelho simply blows the ‘ball of foot’ cushions sold in drugstores out of the water!

Go ahead and treat yourself like royalty without suffering in silence. Try Heelho today.

Dr. Gary Prant, DPM


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