You Might Be a Heelho If.....

You Might Be a Heelho If.....

You Might Be A Heelho If....

1. You're 5'2" but 6' in heels

Heelho Stilts

2. You're a high heel snob that secretly judges other women based on the shoes they are wearing

Heelho Judge

3. You keep some high heels in their original shoe boxes

Heelho Boxes

4. You need 2 closets to fit all of your shoes

 Heelho Closet

5. When traveling, you pack a pair of heels for every outfit

Heelho Travel

6. You actually own different colors of the same high heel

 Heelho Colors

7. When trying on clothes, you get on your tippy toes to visualize how it would look in high heels

Heelho Shopping

8. You'd even wear high heels to the beach or poolHeelho Beach

9. You know the names of every type of high heel (stiletto, pump, wedge, ect)

Heelho Types of Heels

10. You spend more money on heels than you do on rent or morgage

Heelh Mortgage

12. You've considered insurance for a pair of heels

 Heelho Insurance

13. You're definitely a Heelho repeat customer

Heelho Infinity

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