You Might Be in High Heel Hell If....

You Might Be in High Heel Hell If....

You Might Be In High Heel Hell If…

Have you ever been in High Heel Hell? High Heel Hell is a dreadful place. It’s a place of agony, where you must pay to look good with one torture or another. Below are a few ways you can tell if you're currently in high heel hell.


  1. You’re on a date and your smile is replaced by a scowl because the pain is just too real, making a great first impression.

 Heelho Date

  1. You have high heel wearer’s Attention Deficit Disorder.

 Heelho ADD

  1. You start the night out in beautiful stilettos and end up walking around barefoot in public before the night is over.

 Heelho Walk

  1. You nicknamed your bathtub "Epsom Salt Lake City."

 Heelho Salt

  1. You’d rather spend $15 on a pedicab than walk one block on the torturous streets.

 Heelho Zombie

  1. You find yourself saying “these felt a lot more comfortable when I was trying them on at the store.”

 Heelho Prada

  1. When the painful déjà vu of the last time you wore heels hits you.

 Heelho deja vu

  1. You’re waiting in line while constantly switching your body weight from one foot to the other in search of brief relief.

 Heelho Line

  1. The sweet release of taking off your heels is more appealing than a hot date.

 Heelho free

  1. That wobbly walk you’re doing more than counterbalances the sexiness of the high heels themselves.

 Heelho Horse

  1. You see stairs like.....

 Heelho Stairs

    12. You're not hungover, you're suffering from Post Traumatic High Heels Disorder

Heelho Post traumatic

If you’ve ever been in High Heel Hell we want to know about it! Submit your own High Heel Hell story and the funniest submission will be posted. The winner will also get a free pair of Heelho ball of foot pads, the solution to High Heel Hell. Send your submissions in via our online contact form or email us at

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