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Fan Pack | 3 Pairs | Heelho High Heel Inserts

Fan Pack | 3 Pairs | Heelho High Heel Inserts

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Chances are you've already tried and liked Heelho. Why not triple up this time?

  • Patented Depression Technology
  • Long Lasting High Heel Comfort
  • Resists Odors
  • High Performance Open Cell Foam
  • Prevents Foot From Slipping Forward
  • Discreet Design Won't Show in Opened Toed Footwear

Our high heel inserts allow you to keep your sexy strut going all day or night. This is because patent pending "DEPRESSION" is designed to off load the tremendous pressure on the 2nd/3rd metatarsal head bones in the ball of your foot. The key is redistribution. We take pressure from the most problematic area and spread it throughout the entire ball of foot more evenly. 

Other ball of foot or metatarsal pads can actually increase pressure and cause more pain or what is known as metatarsalgia. Plus, would you ever wear those funny looking things with your open toed shoes?

Our design is not only discreet. It will keep your foot from slipping forward. On top of that, the high performance material helps reduce odors.

Placement is very important to comfort, so follow the instructions on the back of the package and you'll be free of high heel pain and metatarsal pain before you know it!

Try the best inserts for high heels today! Also Check out our Full Insert and Blog

Shipping is free! 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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