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Sampler Pack | 1 Pair Of Each | 2 Heelho High Heel Insert's

Sampler Pack | 1 Pair Of Each | 2 Heelho High Heel Insert's

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This pack contains both the Heelho Ball of Foot Pads and the Heelho Full Insert, the best and most advanced high heel inserts on the market.

  • Patented Depression Technology
  • Long Lasting High Heel Comfort
  • Resists Odors
  • High Performance Open Cell Foam
  • Prevents Foot From Slipping Forward
  • Ball of Foot Pad is Perfect for Open Toed Footwear
  • Full Insert Better Suited for Boots and Closed Toed Footwear

Both products are made from the same high performance material and implement the patent pending Heelho second and third metatarsal depression. This is Heelho's key feature that off loads and redistributes the pressure from the problem area to the entire ball of foot. This is particularly useful in high heeled footwear where the load of the entire body weight is concentrated on the ball of foot. Both products have an antimicrobial protection and prevent your foot from slipping forward.

The Heelho Ball of Foot Pads are perfect for open toed footwear. They are discreet in that they won't show while wearing them. They are also easy to use and stay in place.

The Heelho Full Insert is designed for all types of high heeled footwear. They are perfect for closed toed shoes and boots that make it more difficult for the ball of foot pad to fit into. They work differently than other inserts so following the directions is key. Watch this video for more information.

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