High Heels: They May Hurt But That's No Reason To Give Them Up

High Heels: They May Hurt But That's No Reason To Give Them Up

Face it

High heels are a fashion staple that will be around for a very long time. Women love wearing them and men love looking at women that are wearing them. High heels ooze elegance, glamour, and fashion. They make women look taller and give their legs a lean sculpted look. They enhance the hourglass look women strive to achieve. They make you feel better about yourself just by wearing them. They’re sexy.Heelho Strut

With Such Remarkable Results Come a Great Sacrifice.

High heels hurt, especially as you age and the tissue surrounding the metatarsal bones wears (not that I am calling any of you old). The most common cause of high heel pain is the increased pressure in the second and third metatarsal bones stemming from the elevated foot position.  It’s not an uncommon site to see a woman carrying her high heels and walking barefoot on the street. High Heel Hell is the best way to describe it.

Heelho Flat or Heel

Many Have Searched for a Solution, Few have Found One.

That is until Heelho was born. Finally, someone actually found a solution (not just a pad, an actual solution). Heelho not just a product. It is a brand based on the high heel lifestyle. The ladies of Heelho are spoiled rotten with the product. They take two steps in their high heels and say, “Oh Hell no. I need to put some Heelhos in these.”

Heelho Strut

So… What is a Heelho?

Glad you asked. I basically explain this stuff for a living. There have been many attempts to make high heel inserts/ball of foot cushions/metatarsal pads/whatever you’d like to call them. Heelho is an insert specifically designed for the increased pressure on the metatarsal heads from wearing high heels. Heelho implements a unique “indentation” around the second and third metatarsal heads to redistribute the pressure more evenly across the entire ball of foot. It’s also a name for Diehard High Heel Fans.

Heelho Strut

What Does that Mean?

It means you can last a whole lot longer in high heels before you’re one of the women walking barefoot in public. It means taking off your shoes at the end of the day won’t be quite as satisfying as it used to be. It means Heelho will take you to High Heel Heaven.


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