Some "Corky" Things High Heels and Wine Have in Common

Some "Corky" Things High Heels and Wine Have in Common

If you love high heels and you love wine, you will appreciate this comparison the folks at Heelho came up with during happy hour:
  • You can get wine and high heels in a big bold RED

Heelho Bold Red Wine Heelho Bold Red
  • Either can make you stumble

Heelho Wine Stumble Heelho Stumble
  • A wine glass and a high heel both have a tall sexy stem 

Heelho Stem Heelho Stem
  • They are both "Must" haves on a romantic dinner

Heelho Romantic Dinner
  • Both sit nicely on racks

Heelho Wine Rack Heelho Rack
  • Spills should be avoided in both cases

Heelho Spill Heelho Spill
  • Both have legs (at least the good ones do)

Heelho Wine Legs Heelho Legs
  • You can never have enough of either (These are just the red ones)

Heelho not enough Heelho not enough
Heelho Kermit 

    If you weren't already, I'm sure by now you're in the mood for a glass of wine. Go ahead and pour one (or another one) up. We won't judge. The more you have the more the Heelho High Heel Insert Wardrobe Pack sounds like a splendid idea.

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