Heelho's High Heel 10 Commandments (King James Version)

Ryan Johnson

Heelho's High Heel 10 Commandments

Ye must follow thine commandments least ye be confined to the pits of High Heel Hell.

1. Thou shall loveth thy high heels above all other shoes. Above thy tennis shoes, thy house shoes, thy water shoes, thy flip flops, and certainly above thy flats.

Heelho Strut

2. Thou shall leaveth sufficient room in thy toe box as to allow room for thine insertion of thy Heelho. Thou who wearest high heels too small shall certainly suffer the agony of High Heel Hell.

Heelho Strut

3. Thou shall testify the good news ye hath discovered upon wearing thy Heelho Inserts to those in need.

Heelho Strut

4. Thou shall sacrifice the $10.99 in order to obtain thy Heelho Inserts, or the 12.99 for the Full Inserts

Heelho Strut

5. Thou shall read thy Heelho's instructions. For thy Heelho is unlike that of the other products of this world.

Heelho Strut

6. Thou shall not bare false witness and posteth bad reviews for ye hath failed to follow thy Heelho placement instructions. Those that bare such false witness shall certainly never escape "High Heel Hell."

Heelho Strut

7. Thou shall not attempt multiple shoe switches with thy Heelho. Ye shall certainly lose thy Heelhos ye hath sacrificed the $10.99 in order to obtain.

Heelho Strut

8. Thou shall leaveth good reviews in order to help thy neighbor discover the word of Heelho.

Heelho Strut

9. If thou findeth yeself unable to decide on which of thy pair of high heels to wear, and one pair hath a Heelho inside and the other hath not, thou shall always choose thy pair with thine Heelhos.

Heelho Strut

10. Thou shall travel at each moment with an extra pair of Heelhos in thy handbag. Lest ye seeth a mistress in needeth and haveth nothing to help her relieve her pain.

Heelho Strut

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