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High Heel Insert | 1 Pair | Heelho

High Heel Insert | 1 Pair | Heelho

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Is your high heel heel pain bigger than your ball of foot? The Heelho Full Insert caters to your entire foot.

  • Patented Depression Technology
  • Long Lasting High Heel Comfort
  • Resists Odors
  • High Performance Open Cell Foam
  • Prevents Foot From Slipping Forward
  • Perfect for Boots and Closed Toed Footwear

Heelho is happy to introduce the MOST ADVANCED HIGH HEEL INSERT ON THE MARKET. Heelho's Intentions are specifically designed for high heeled footwear. Where other inserts are essentially just padding for your feet, Heelho takes high heel inserts to a new level. Try Today!

Imagine a night out without the urge to change shoes. Because of our unique indention, you can keep your strut all night long. There's really nothing like Heelho. You're welcome to contact us if you have questions or concerns of how it may help you.

The Heelho Full Insert is different that any other insert on the market and is installed differently as well. We encourage you to read the instructions or watch this video.

  • Patented Metatarsal Indention
  • Functionally Designed. Other inserts are just pads
  • Designed for all high heeled footwear
  • 100% No Hassle Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Read Instructions Carefully. Works Differently than other products

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Shipping is Free! 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

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